About us


This splendid resort enjoys an idle beachfront location on the coast of bay of Bengal situated in Ramapuram, Chirala . Elegant and refined, with an air of understated luxury, this resort will bathe you in its peaceful and relaxed atmosphere to put back a little of what life takes out.
CHIRALA is well connected by rail, road and air (nearest airport is Vijayawada-100km)… chirala,the name has been derived from its ancient age name Ksheerapuri (“the sea was as white as milk “). Chirala is the major commercial center between Tenali and Ongole and lies on the main railway line between Chennai and Kolkata . The town has long between famous for its textile &cashew industrics. Visitors from out of town from certainly recommended to check out the towns shopping market (clothing stores )for which it earned its nick name, the mini-Bombay.
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